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Hi! Welcome to my site! I imagine you came to Gambling Book Reviews to find out about gambling books before you decide to buy, right? Well thatís exactly why I created this site. Iíve read tons of books on gambling, and my friends always ask me for my impromptu gambling book reviews when theyíre looking for just the right book. One day, a friend of mine suggested that I create a web site where people just like you could get an opinion on a certain book. As you can see, I decided to take him up on his idea, and here we are!

My gambling book reviews are broken up into sections, where youíll find reviews of books on different subjects related to gambling. Iíve got poker book reviews, blackjack book reviews and sports betting book reviews; each in their own section of this site. Other games, such as craps, roulette and baccarat donít have as many books written about them as some games, so theyíre all together in the section of reviews of books on other games.

Iíve also included a section on reviews of books about Las Vegas, and about some of the interesting personalities that have made Sin City what it is today. You can find out about books that show the history of Vegas, and books written by or about some of the most famous characters in gambling, like Amarillo Slim and Titanic Thompson.

And Iíve also put together a section with general gambling book reviews. These are books that include gambling tips, gambling guides, or just stories about gambling; but not related to one specific game. If youíre newer to gambling, this is where Iíd go first. Youíll find gambling books that will help you off to a good start at the casinos, or help you find great deals when youíre out on the town.

At the bottom of this page, youíll see some samples of book reviews that you can find here on this site. Just click on one and youíll be taken to the page where that review is. Youíll be sure to find lots of others on the same page too, so spend some time finding the gambling book thatís just for you.

I hope you enjoy my site. I created it with you in mind, and I hope my gambling book reviews are useful to you. If thereís a gambling book review that you think I should include on my site, feel free to email me with your suggestions, and Iíll look into it. Please be patient though, as I have to read the book before I can write an informed gambling book review about it. Thanks again for visiting, and enjoy yourself while youíre here. If you found this site useful, be sure to tell your friends where you found your gambling book reviews; at!

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Hi. I hope you like my site, and my reviews help you find the book that's just right for you. If you know of a good gambling book, but you can't find it here, please , and I'll be sure to include a review of it as soon as I've read it through. I'm glad you visited, and I hope you found what you were looking for.
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“This man knows his gambling books! Iíve never seen so many reviews all in one place before! This site Rocks!”
Adeline Ware
Ė Atlanta, GA

If you're looking for some great gambling tips, the Internet has lots of options. is one of the sites I like to visit from time to time.

If you like to read about gambling, you'll surely appreciate a site full of gambling stories. Lloyd Hewitt has a great site called, full of gambling anecdotes and stories from all over. Great for when you don't want to read a whole book!
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